Cruise Aircraft family of aircraft have been designed to offer maximum performance and capability possible under the Canadian Advanced Ultralight and FAA's Sport Pilot / Light-Sport Aircraft categories. All aircraft are made of Aluminum, seat two people in a tandem seating arrangement, and have a pusher power plant. This design gives the front seat pilot exceptional visibility and minimizes the front cross-section to provide better performance. All aircraft use a high-lift wing to give STOL abilities.


CA-HAWK (AULA) is sold as a ready to fly aircraft only and is designed to comply with the DS-10141 Canadian design standard for Advanced Ultra Light Aircraft.

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CA-FALCON (ELSA) is designed to the ASTM standards governing Light Sport Aircraft category and is sold as a kit of sub-assemblies:

Only simple hand tools are needed to complete it.

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Amateur Built Kits (A-B)

A-B aircraft kit includes the following sub-assemblies:

The following optional Kits are available:

Only simple hand tools are needed to complete it.

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Carry 2 people, Tandem seating
High wing
Exceptional view, forward and below
Short field take off and landing capability
Easy and quick to assemble
Aluminum 6060T6 all metal construction
Tricycle gear - castering nose wheel
Hydraulic Brakes
Cruise at 90 mph
Range of 4 hrs
Model #:


Seating: 2 tandem 2 tandem
Cabin Width (at shoulder): 32" 32"
Length: 22' 22'
Height: 7 ' 7 '
Wing Span: 28' 28'
Wing Area: 140 sq ft 140 sq ft
Wing loading: 8.8 lbs / sq ft 9.4 lbs / sq ft
Power loading: 15.4 lbs @ 80HP 16.5 lbs @ 80HP
Max G loading - ultimate: +6/-3G +6/-3G
Horsepower: 80 HP 80 HP
Cruise: 90 mph 90 mph
Stall (at gross, full flaps) VS0: 45 mph 45 mph
Stall (at gross) VS1: 55 mph 55 mph
ROC (at gross): 900 fpm 900 fpm
Take-Off Dist.: 400' 400'
Landing Dist.: 400' 400'
Ceiling: 10,000' 10,000'
Empty Weight: 720 lbs 720 lbs
Gross Weight: 1232 lbs 1320 lbs
Useful Load: 512 lbs 600 lbs
Revmaster R-2300
Dynon Avionics D-180