Welcome to Cruise Aircraft

Our planes are designed for cruising. They provide exceptional visibility, short field take-off, cruising speeds to just fly around the patch or go the distance. The all aluminum construction provides long-life, simplified maintenance, higher speeds and just good looks.

We only provide quick-build kits. Our airplanes are for people who want to fly soon, not build for years!

CA-HAWK meets the Advanced Ultra light Aircraft requirements in Canada and is available only as a Ready-To-Fly aircraft.

The CA-FALCON meets Sport Pilot requirements in the U.S.A. and is sold as an E-LSA kit. 

Kits meeting the 51% rule are also available for registering as Amateur-Built in Canada and the U.S.A. Assembly is straightforward and requires simple hand-tools. All main assemblies such as wings, tail feathers, fuselage are pre-assembled at the factory and shipped ready for bolting together and finishing it with the engine, avionics, landing gear etc.

Visit the following links for more information on Ultra lights: